Benefits of Disability Insurance

Without your paycheck or source of income, how long would you be able to pay your mortgage or rent? Would you be able to pay for groceries or credit cars without feeling the pressure? Many Americans would struggle nearly immediately. In fact, only running out of retirement savings is more of a concern than the impact of a disability for most Americans. A disability can destroy the best made retirement plans.


Disability Insurance addresses this exact need. There are several sources of coverage. Workers Compensation will cover you if injured on the job only. Some larger employers may provide limited benefits for short and long term disability, through payroll deduction. The federal government offers Social Security Disability benefits, for those workers who qualify. Unfortunately, qualifying for benefits isn’t easy. According to the Social Security Administration, 62% on average were denied claim* Finally, for those who do not have access to these options, or need additional supplementation to this coverage, will seek an individual disability insurance policy. This is where Paycheck-Protection comes in. Whether you’re a small business owner, a physician or medical professional, or simply need additional coverage than your employer is able to offer, we can help you fill this need.


By now you may have determined you may need disability insurance. We commend you taking the necessary steps. However, it’s important not to wait to address this growing concern. Oftentimes, if we’re already experiencing an illness or injury, it may be too late to obtain coverage. It’s important to obtain coverage before you experience a disabling illness or injury.





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