Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy Pledge

Insurance of the Carolinas is dedicated to keeping all of your personal information secure. Our privacy policy pledge explains our dedication, how we use your information, and the benefits of the information you provide to us.

What information is gathered and how do you use it?

The question we ask are only used to help you obtain the most competitive insurance quotes that best meet your individual needs. Each insurance company has its own pricing models based on their own criteria. We gather information about your general health, lifestyle, family history, and contact information. We use this information to help match up the best company, the best product and policy for you. Based on your preferred method of contact, we may also reach out to you to clarify any information to better assist in providing you with the most competitive product offerings for your individual needs.

Should you ever have any questions whatsoever regarding the personal information you have disclosed to us, please contact us at 1-704-345-4294 or 

Does Insurance of the Carolinas sell my personal information?

No. Never. Plain and simple.

When does Insurance of the Carolinas share my personal information with insurance companies?

We only share this information after you have explicitly authorized us to do so. This is typically during the application process. Until this point, any information shared with insurance companies to assist with the quoting process is done on an anonymous basis (no personal identifiable information, such as your name).

How do insurance companies use my information once I authorize its release?

Only where permitted by law, your information may be used to request credit, medical, and/or driving records from a third party (such as your doctor's office). This information is used during the underwriting process so that the insurance company can determine your coverage and rates. These authorizations and disclosures are included with the application and application process.